Posted by : Anas Rafiq Friday, April 26, 2013

In my previous post i was still preparing and adjusting an old 3d scene for 3d print.
It's done and it's ready now to be uploaded to my shapeway online shop let's hope its price will be affordable.

The printed version won't look the same as in these renders, it will depend on the material chosen.

Its dimensions are:
121x75x67 cm
47x29x26  inch

As you can see here the model is hollowed this helps a lot to reduce the price of printing since
the printer will be using less materials,the wall thickness should be respected carefully depending on the
material that will be used,it is very important so the model won't break in the process or printing and also in the process of finishing.
I made the wall thickness here about 3,4 mm, in some case it's possible to reduce the wall thickness untill
0,7 mm and i think there's no way it can go below that...

Next step is converting it into an STL file type and uploading it to shapeways.

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