Posted by : Anas Rafiq Saturday, April 13, 2013

After two months of reading about 3d printing and understanding how it works i got in my hand my first ever creation i created using a computer,it's really magic to be touching in reall an idea you had in mind.I'm a big fan of Michael jackson so first thing i was thinking about is to model one of his moves and bring it to the world of physics ,to real life.
It's made of brass/gold plated polished,the abbreviation was made upon a request for the persone who got it as a birthday present.
I couldn't set up my mind first about what to create or what to model,i was jumping from decoration items to jewelries to figurines to fashion toward many directions.
I will post some thoughts and ideas about designs i need to print but they still need a lot of adjustments because of the 3d printers constraints ,they really have a strict design guideline that needs to be respectes when creating or modeling in 3d softwares.
Follow this link to see its preview in video

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